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Datrics empowers blockchain teams with meaningful insights from on-chain and off-chain data. We apply our expertise in blockchain and data analytics to provide bespoke solutions for your business.

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Our team provides analytical services for a wide range of projects, including L1 and L2 protocols, DEXs, stable coins, DApps, and DAOs.

Predictive and forecasting modeling

Advanced analytics and simulations

Data visualization and interactive dashboards

Data scraping and on-chain / off-chain data matching

We deliver solutions for diverse scenarios

L1, L2

1. On-chain and off-chain funnels
2. Pure on-chain analytics for protocols to understand the ecosystem health
3. Developers and smart-contracts analytics
4. Marketing, communication, and ecosystem growth analytics


1. Liquidity modeling
2. Incentives optimization

Stable Coins

1. Simulations for treasury management
2. Backtesting for algorithmic stable coins


1. Wallet and user analytics

Custom analytics for L2 Protocols, DApps and DAO

We leverage Datrics no-code platform for analytics and data science to provide custom solutions for your business case. Datrics streamlines raw on-chain and off-chain data into ready-to-consume insights.


Case Study

Near Foundation

Datrics developed complete on-chain and off-chain user and marketing analytics for NEAR Foundation

Datrics Solutions for Yanda

Harnessing the AI Potential in Crypto-Trading: Case Study of Datrics Solutions for Yanda

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